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Cat Weldon

Children's Author


About Me


Cat Weldon is a children's author who writes funny middle grade fantasy stories with a particular interest in offbeat fairy tales and world mythology.

Her debut novel How to be a Hero was published by Macmillan Children's Books on January 21st 2021, with the second in the series following in the summer. The third book in the trilogy is due out in January 2022

With a Master’s degree in Scriptwriting and a background in children’s theatre, Cat now splits her time between writing, teaching and making origami squirrels.

Cat lives in East Anglia with her family and collection of delinquent chickens.

Although she has a favourite cup, it has never recited poetry to her.

Follow her on twitter @WeldonCat for book gossip and exciting Viking Facts!

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How to be a Hero

A viking thief desperate to be a hero. A trainee valkyrie on a mission to prove herself. An ungodly case of mistaken identity.

When trainee valkyrie Lotta mistakes an unconscious viking thief, Whetstone, for a fallen hero and takes him triumphantly to Valhalla, things are definitely not turning out to be epic or glorious. Having lost a precious talking cup, Whetstone is also desperate to cover up his mistake and the two embark on a quarrelsome journey to find it and regain their heroic status. But Loki the trickster God is desperate to get his hands on the cup with a plan to unleash chaos across the nine worlds. Can Whetstone prove himself a hero after all when it matters most?

The first in a hilarious and fast-paced trilogy about how to be brave, what it means to be a hero and just how confusing the Norse Gods really are. Fully illustrated throughout, Cat Weldon's How to Be a Hero: Tales from a Terrible Viking is perfect for fans of How to Train Your Dragon and Who Let the Gods Out.


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Take up the quest in the hilariously epic second installment of the How to be a Hero series, from Cat Weldon, illustrated by Katie Kear.

Welcome to the Land of Lost Things. Unlikely hero Whetstone and trainee Valkyrie Lotta are on an quest to find Whetstone's long-lost father. But when Loki the trickster God sends his monstrous children after them, and Lotta loses her magic shield and along with it, her powers, things go from bad to worse.

Can Lotta and Whetstone survive a sea-serpent attack, a gigantic wolf who likes his tummy tickled and a very lonely queen of the dead, to keep the quest on track?

The second in this funny, fast-paced trilogy about how to be a friend, what it means to be a hero and just how confusing the Norse Gods really are.

How to be a Hero:

Land of Lost Things

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How to be a Hero:
A Gathering of Giants
Gathering of Giants.jpg

Unlikely hero Whetstone and banished Valkyrie Lotta are in hiding.

Their quest to find the magic harp strings before Loki, the trickster God, can use them to bring chaos to the Nine Worlds has come to a dead end. And with the evil Valkyrie Glinting-Fire wreaking havoc on earth, nowhere is safe. Especially when Lotta can't control her strange new powers.

So when they overhear that Whetstone's mother, and the second harp string, are in imprisoned in the land of the Frost Giants, Whetstone decides that in order to beat Loki, he's going to have to act like a 'proper' hero and leave the thief he used to be behind.

But with an army of giants, traitorous trolls, brainwashed Valkyries and dangerous long-lost secrets, how can Whetstone and Lotta hope to win when they can't figure out how to be a hero and themselves at the same time?

The explosive finale in this funny, fast-paced series about how to be a friend, what it means to be a hero and just how confusing the Norse Gods really are.

Available January 2022



David, 9
I would rate this book 5/5 because it's one of those comedy books: I LOVE THEM and the illustrations are extraordinary! It's like How to Train Your Dragon but more comedic. I would recommend this book and want more people to experience Cat Weldon's writing. If you like funny books, or adventure stories, then you would like this.


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Thank you so much  for a wonderful Digital visit – the boys were so engaged and excited and I loved the quiz, and activities as well as your reading aloud.

I’ve just been along to see the Key Worker Children who were “buzzing”. What a fabulous World Book Day treat.!

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